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I'm a writer of short stories, novellas and single title romance fiction. Sometimes they're sweet, sometimes they're very, very sexy but always they're stories about love.

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Cathryn dreamed of being a writer for many years until, one day, she decided to stop dreaming and do. Properly. Not another of those half-hearted efforts like all those others mocking her from their stack on a dusty office shelf, but a full manuscript. A real, complete book.

Three months later, she had one. Three months after that, she had another. Then she joined the Romance Writers of Australia and entered both in a contest to see what others thought. Not much, it turned out, but it didn't matter. By that time, it was too late. She had the bug. Bad.

Now she's a published author and what was once a dream has become a reality. That dusty shelf is clean, filled with completed works and no longer mocks her with 'what ifs' and 'could have beens'.

And from the size of her ideas folder, she hasn't finished yet.

Cathryn writes contemporary women's fiction, erotic romance and short stories. She lives in regional Australia and when she isn't writing, she's playing golf or indulging in long relaxed lunches with her partner.


An erotic fantasy called Pureheart.




Sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy but always about love
Cathryn Brunet romance author
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